Thursday, July 15, 2010

Minted 2010 Holiday Card Spectacular: No. 23!!

So I'm a little late in announcing this here, but I'm proud to say one of my designs, A Very Merry Christmas, came in at number 23 in the Minted 2010 Holiday Card Spectacular! Considering there were nearly 1400 designs submitted for the contest, I am absolutely floored to have one of my designs in the top 25.

This card, along with the other winners, will be available for sale exclusively through Minted later this year.

Minted has been doing a countdown (over at the Minted Blog and the Minted Facebook Page) to announce the top 25 designs in their most recent design challenge (they're set to announce No. 15 today so go check it out!).  You can also head over to the post on my winning design, A Very Merry Christmas, and see what Minted had to say!

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