Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Belletristics' Holiday Collection: Chalkboard Round Up

Here's a round up of printable holiday cards from Belletristics' collection featuring a vintage chalkboard look with hand lettering inspired greetings. 

All designs are sent to you via email in ready to print digital format. You can print the cards yourself at home, or take them to a professional printer. Need it printed? No problem! All these designs are also available as printed cards through our sister shop, Banter & Charm.

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1. Chalkboard Lettering, photo card  2. Chalked Frame, non photo  3. Vintage Chalkboard,  photo card
4. Taped,  photo card  5. Chalk & Snowflakes, party invitation  6. Chalkboard Lettering, non photo

Make sure to head over to Belletristics' Etsy shop to see the rest of the collection.

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