Monday, January 31, 2011

Mix & Match Designs: How it Works, part 5

Today we have the fifth and final part in the mix & match design series, where you'll get to see a few of the many possible options for creating a mix & match monogram.

The fifth mix & match design example focuses on monogram layouts and styles. The examples below use a mix of Block Font 3, Script 9, and Sans Serif Font 6, along with birds and insects motif bi-017, pattern pat-014, and borders bor-022 and bor-028. The examples are shown in the colors Sage and Khaki.

Monograms can include a wide variety of elements—names, initials, dates, motifs, patterns, borders—allowing for nearly endless combinations. The examples below show just a few of the possible results.
When you order a mix & match monogram, you choose which elements to include, and Belletristics takes card of the rest. 
Your first proof for a mix & match monogram will include 2-3 design options for you to choose from or request revisions to. Once the design is just the way you want it, Belletristics will send you the final file via email in your choice of JPEG, PNG, or PDF format. How you use it is up to you!

Hopefully you have a good understanding of the mix & match design process after this series! You can find  these examples and more in the mix & match gallery, and an overview of the series is also available on Belletristics' website.
If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at sarah[!@] Or if you're ready to order, you can start off by reading through the mix & match design process, then pick out your colors, fontsmotifspatterns, and borders, and finally, fill out the mix & match order form.

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