Monday, February 28, 2011

Mix & Match Stationery for Alexandra and Timothy

I'm happy to say the Belletristics' mix & match stationery has been going great so far! This week I'll be showcasing a few of the different mix & match design orders I've completed so far. It's so fun to see the different elements each client chooses come together to create their own stationery suite!
Alexandra was one of my first clients to order a mix & match design! Below you can see the different design elements she chose to include in her wedding stationery.

Alexandra's design ended up being quite simple and classy, and the diagonal striped used on the envelope and response card added a touch of contrast to the suite, without being overwhelming. The laurel wreath motif and monogram at the top of the invitation lends a very traditional feel to the design.
mix & match wedding stationery printable design laurel wreath traditionsl formal
Thanks again, Alexandra! I hope you enjoy your stationery designs!

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  1. Love your designs! Congrats on winning the Pantone Fan Guide!


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