Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mix & Match Designs: How it Works, part 1

This week I'll be going over how you can create your own unique wedding stationery suite with Belletristics' mix & match designs. Each example will use fonts, motifs, patterns, and borders from the available mix & match design elements.

Every mix & match design order includes your choice of fonts and colors, along with one motif, one pattern, and one border. (you can choose additional motifs, patterns, or borders for $5 each) All these elements are completely optional; you can use all three elements, just one, or even choose to not use any design elements to create a typography based suite.

In this first example, Titling Font 1 and Ornate Script 8 are used, along with variations of floral motif fl-007, pattern pat-006, and border bor-019. The example is shown in the colors Ballerina and Steel.

You may choose to use your designs elements separately throughout your stationery pieces. In this example, the floral motif is used on the monogram, invitation, and table number, while the pattern and border are used on the envelope liner, belly band, and escort card. 
Multiple copies of a motif can also be combined (as shown in the invitation and table number).
A coordinating look is maintained by using the same fonts and colors throughout all the stationery pieces.
Mix & match designs are available to order a la carte, so you order only the stationery pieces you need! You can choose just a monogram and invitation, or order an entire suite by adding in a save the date card, reception stationery, programs, and thank you notes! For detailed pricing information, please visit Belletristics' website.

Hopefully this example will inspire you to create your very own mix & match suite! To order, start off by reading through the mix & match design process, pick out your colors,  fontsmotifspatterns, and borders, then fill out the mix & match order form.

Have questions? Feel free to contact me at sarah[!@]belletristics.com.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for part 2 in the mix & match design series, where I'll show how two motifs can combined in your stationery design! 

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